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Integrated Development Programme

To promote the capacity of farmers for sustainable farming system and improved living condition of residents.


The Integrated Development Programme (IDP) of the Justice Development and Peace Commission, Ibadan focuses her interventions on  programmes that develop the capacities of farmers on agricultural productivity and also facilitates the communities’ access to socio-infrastructural facilities. These were done through participatory capacity development, self-help activities, advisory services, networking and collaboration with relevant agencies in the targeted rural, peri-urban and urban areas. The main project of the programme is the Integrated Rural Community Development Project (IRCDP). Other projects in the department include the Catfish Sustainability Project (CSP) .

Integrated Rural Community Development Programme

The IRCDP works with thirty three (33) farmers’ groups in six (6) Local Governments areas of Oyo and Osun States. These local governments are Ido, Ibarapa North, Ibarapa East, Lagelu LGAs of Oyo State and Ayedaade and Irewole LGAs of Osun State respectively.

 The target beneficiaries include men, women and youths irrespective of tribe and religious affiliation. The department targets seven hundred and fifty (750) farmers engaged in the various agricultural value chains.

Project Goal

Promoting food security situation and increasing the household income of 750 small holder families in the archdiocese of Ibadan through sustainable use of resources.


The Specific Objectives

  • Institutionalized farmers organizations are able to provide agro-services for members and non members.
  • Out of school youths generate income from agribusiness enterprise.
  • Farmers adopt improved agricultural methods and climate smart strategies to achieve higher yields from crops and livestock farming.
  • Farmers use marketing strategies and market information to improve their production and increase their income.
  • Community members use the skills they have acquired to advocacy  network and demand essential development investments from government and non government institutions.


Focal Areas

  1. promotion of youth involvement in Agriculture
  2. Promotion of climate change mitigation strategies
  3. promotion of environmental conservation and biodiversity
  4. promotion of  soil and water conservation techniques
  5. promotion of livestock and micro livestock farming to production
  6. promotion of rural community development


IRCDP operates in 9 local government areas of Oyo and Osun states. These Local government areas are:


Oyo state                                                                                                             Osun State

  • Akinyele,                                                                                               Isokan
  • Ido,                                                                                                        Irewole
  • Lagelu,                                                                                                  Ayedaade
  • Ibarapa East,
  • Ibarapa Central
  • Ibarapa North


The areas covered by the project include the derived savannah land region (Ibarapa East, Ibarapa North and the Ibarapa central of Oyo State), the rainforest region of Lagelu (Oyo state, Isokan, Irewole and Ayedaade Local governments of Osun state and the transitional vegetation areas of Ido, Akinyele of Oyo State


 Catfish Sustainability Project

The Catfish Sustainability project is a social intervention for catfish farmers funded by Skretting Nigeria and facilitated by the Justice Development and Peace Commission, Ibadan.. The project has reached one thousand two hundred small scale catfish farmers as at December 2022 (in both Oyo and  Ogun states of Nigeria.


Project Goal

Enhanced economic livelihood and improved aquaculture system in a sustainable environment among 1,200 catfish farmers in Oyo, Ogun and Osun State(s) of Nigeria

The Specific Objectives

  • Established Catfish farmers’ structure coordinate and interplay with other stakeholders in the fish business value chain
  • Trained farmers use knowledge gained to improve productivity, business and environmental sustainability
  • Participating catfish farmers have access to feed input support for effective and improved production.
  • Member of the public become aware of healthy production and consumption of catfish.


Integrated Development Programme major intervention strategies

The integrated Development programme adopt the following strategies to achieve her objectives

  • Capacity building on sustainable agricultural practices
  • Lobby and advocacy for development
  • Building and strengthening of farmers’ structures.
  • Learning visits and experience sharing sessions
  • Participatory learning Appraisal/ participatory Rural Appraisal
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Deployment of Media initiatives
  • Networking and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Revolving input scheme/credit facility