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Democracy and Governance

Interactive Training Workshop Bolsters Community Leadership and Advocacy Skills


Community leaders from various backgrounds, including the Waard Development Committee (WDC), Civil Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG), Persons Living with Disabilities, trained paralegals, and several civil society organizations, gathered for a dynamic two-day training event focused on enhancing skills in social analysis, advocacy, and lobbying.

The workshop, designed to equip participants with practical tools to demand better service delivery and hold those in power accountable, went beyond conventional lectures. After learning key concepts and strategies, participants dove into interactive sessions where they could put their new knowledge to the test. The training included group work, presentations, and role-playing exercises that not only reinforced their learning but also sparked collaborative problem-solving among the diverse groups.

These hands-on activities were crucial for participants to gauge their understanding and readiness to apply these skills in real-world scenarios. As one participant noted, "The role plays made me realize the challenges we might face in real situations, but also how to navigate them effectively." This sentiment was echoed by many, as the exercises provided a safe space to explore different strategies and receive immediate feedback.

The event concluded with participants expressing renewed confidence and motivation to implement advocacy and lobbying strategies within their communities. The organizers believe that such practical, immersive training sessions are vital in building a robust network of informed and empowered grassroots leaders who can advocate for substantial and sustainable changes in their communities.

As these community advocates return to their respective spheres, they carry with them not just theoretical knowledge but practical experiences that promise to enhance their effectiveness in creating positive community impacts. The success of this workshop marks an encouraging step toward greater community empowerment and governance, setting a strong foundation for future initiatives.



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