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JDPC Ibadan Reaffirms Commitment to Food Security During Cadre Harmonisé Advocacy Visit

 In a significant step towards bolstering food security, JDPC Ibadan hosted representatives from the Food Security Program of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, alongside officials from the Oyo State Ministry of Agriculture, for an advocacy visit focused on the Cadre Harmonisé (CH).

The visit, which took place yesterday, was marked by productive discussions aimed at enhancing the implementation of the Cadre Harmonisé framework, a tool used to identify and analyze food insecurity. During the visit, JDPC Ibadan warmly received the team and pledged a strong commitment to the local task force.

“We are eager to collaborate and reaffirm our dedication as members of the Cadre Harmonisé State Analysis Task Force in Oyo State,” The Chief Of Staff of JDPC Ibadan Adenike Ibitara Esq stated. “This visit highlights our unwavering efforts to ensure food security within our region.”

JDPC Ibadan emphasized its ongoing initiatives to boost agricultural productivity, improve food distribution networks, and promote sustainable farming practices. The collaboration with both federal and state agrarian bodies aims to create a resilient food system capable of withstanding various challenges and ensuring that every household in Oyo State has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.

The advocacy visit underscores the collective efforts of the federal and state governments to address food security issues comprehensively. By working together, they aim to create a future where food security is a tangible reality for all residents of Oyo State.

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