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Democracy and Governance

JDPC Ibadan Host Transformative Workshop to Enhance Maternal Healthcare in Oyo State

 In a significant effort to improve maternal healthcare services, JDPC Ibadan, with support from the International Budget Partnership, organized a 2-day capacity building workshop. The event aimed to empower key stakeholders, including influential women groups, members of the Ward Development Council (WDC), and Officers in Charge of Primary Health Care Centres across Oyo State.

The first day of the workshop focused on identifying the challenges and exploring the current landscape of maternal healthcare in Oyo State. Dr. Faidat Adenuga opened the session with a detailed presentation on "Maternal Healthcare Services in Oyo State: Issues, Challenges, and the Way Forward." Dr Adenuga provided a comprehensive overview, highlighting the critical areas needing improvement and suggesting actionable solutions.

Following this, Mrs. Funmilayo Abodunrin from the Oyo State Primary Healthcare Board discussed "Understanding the Maternal Healthcare Services in Oyo State: What is Available and How to Access These Services." Her session equipped participants with essential knowledge about existing healthcare frameworks and utilization strategies, ensuring that women in Oyo State can effectively access available services.

The day concluded with an insightful presentation by Dr. Olusola Akande, the Executive Secretary of the Oyo State Health Insurance Agency. His talk on "Harnessing Health Insurance for Maternal Healthcare Service in Oyo State" emphasized the importance of integrating health insurance to improve the accessibility and affordability of maternal healthcare services.

The second day was equally impactful, focusing on the rights of patients and strategic approaches to addressing healthcare challenges. Adenike Ibitara Esq. led a compelling session on "Dignity and Rights of Patients in Maternal Healthcare Services," underscoring the importance of respectful and patient-centred care. Her insights highlighted the need for healthcare providers to uphold the dignity and rights of all patients, particularly expectant mothers.

Jide Bamgbose, the Head of the Democracy and Governance Unit, followed with a practical workshop on "Problem Analysis and Actor Mapping." This session provided participants with strategic tools to analyze and address the various challenges in maternal healthcare delivery. By mapping out the different actors involved and understanding their roles, participants were better equipped to develop effective solutions.

 This initiative is part of a broader effort to create a sustainable and effective healthcare system that prioritizes the well-being of all citizens.




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