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Democracy and Governance

Stakeholder Consultative Meeting Shapes 2024 Budget as JDPC Ibadan and Animated Groups Submit Charter of Demands, Governor Seyi Makinde Assures Implementation

The Democracy and Governance team, headed by Jide Bamgbose, Head of Democracy and Governance, recently played a pivotal role in a stakeholder consultative engagement for the upcoming 2024 budget. The meeting, attended by our various animated groups including the Civil Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG), Community Development Council (CDC), and the Ward Development Council (WDC), aimed to chart a course for the fiscal direction of the year.


During the session, representatives from the Justice, Development, and Peace Commission (JDPC) and the participating animated groups collaborated to submit a comprehensive charter of demands. This collective effort highlighted key areas of concern and priority for the groups, emphasizing the need for targeted budgetary allocations to address critical issues affecting the community.


Jide Bamgbose, in his capacity as the Head of Democracy and Governance of JDPC IBADAN, passionately addressed the gathering, calling on the government to ensure budget credibility and transparency. He stressed the importance of not only formulating a budget that reflects the needs of the people but also providing regular and comprehensive feedback on budget performance to the citizens.


In a significant development, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, acknowledging the concerns raised by the advocacy groups, gave assurance that the demands of the people, as encapsulated in the charter of demands, will be meticulously considered in the drafting of the 2024 budget. The governor reiterated his commitment to inclusive governance and pledged to work closely with the animated groups to ensure that their inputs directly influence the budgetary decisions.


The Civil Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG), Community Development Council (CDC), and the Ward Development Council (WDC) echoed these sentiments in their submissions. The groups emphasized the significance of allocating funds to projects that directly impact the lives of the people, fostering sustainable development, and addressing pressing issues within the community.


The charter of demands presented by the Justice, Development, and Peace Commission (JDPC) and the animated groups encapsulated a wide range of areas, including but not limited to healthcare, education, infrastructure, and social welfare. The groups called for a participatory budgeting process that involves the input of the community members to ensure a more inclusive and representative allocation of resources.


As the consultative engagement concluded, the spotlight is now on the government to incorporate the inputs provided by these advocacy groups into the 2024 budget. With Governor Seyi Makinde's assurance, there is renewed hope that the demands of the people will not only be considered but also form the cornerstone of policies and initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of the community. The Democracy and Governance team, alongside its animated partners, remains committed to fostering good governance, civic engagement, and community development, with the assurance of active collaboration with the government for meaningful impact.


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