Media Intervention


The Media Relations unit of JDPC, Ibadan projects the positive image and various activities of the organisation to the general public by building sustainable relationships with the media and other stakeholders. The unit cultivates cordial relationships with the media and acquaints partners and stakeholders with major developments in the Commission.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Disseminate information about the activities of JDPC, Ibadan to the public
  2. Implement media intervention programmes of JDPC, Ibadan
  3. To engender attitudinal change towards governance and government.
  4. To spur policy changes.

Methodology Employed:

  • Radio  programmes – Vision Nigeria (1 Hour interactive programme) and JDPC, IBADAN and YOU (30 Minutes recorded programme)
  • Radio jingles
  • Media reports and press releases
  • Radio drama
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Political Think-Tank




Theme Treated

Resource Person



Vision Nigeria

Discussion / interview

Phone calls

Text messages

Community link

Quiz segment


Civic Education

Human Rights



Till date has featured 91 guests.

The guests include former governors of Oyo State, members of legislature, commissioners, lawyers, rights and labour activists, representatives of professional bodies and academicians who can advocate for and push for policy change in key areas.

Has broadcast 96 episodes since November 8, 2006.

Has received 440 calls and 1,108 text messages on the programme since November 2006

Has been able to influence governance in the area of environmental sanitation in Oyo state.

Strike actions

Last minute disappointment by resource persons

Censorship of guests and topics by broadcast partner

Bad telephone network

JDPC, Ibadan and You



The programme comes up twice a year (the first and last quarter of every year)

Prison Reforms

Rural Development



Women& Child Rights


Interviewees are mainly academicians, media personnel and lawyers who can suggest solutions to some of the problems identified in the course of the programme.

Has broadcast 52 episodes since November 2006.

Censorship of topics by broadcast station