You can be part of the development taking place.

Some volunteers share their experiences:


Saorlaith Bhroin from Ireland
I was fortunate to be placed with the JDPC of Ibadan for a period of four weeks for my internship. In the short period, I was able to gain a substantial amount of experience from the women and child’s right unit, which incidentally is the area of specialisation in my master’s programme (Human Rights and Democratisation). I became far more aware that when dealing with human beings, it is futile studying text books alone, that field experience is also important. 

Ryota Sakai from Japan
I had my internship in the micro credit unit of JDPC Ibadan in September of 2007. The personnel in this unit were very kind despite my poor English. I was interested in micro credit because I wanted to understand better the local people and their life styles. I was opportune to attend many weekly meetings in the suburbs and had discussions with members of the groups courtesy of Mrs. Bose Aniala and Mr. Richard Gbelekale. I was always remember the ride to Ikire and Iwo branch offices; this was done using motorcycle, popularly known as OKADA. It was an enjoyable experience. I also enjoyed using the JDPC library because there were enough materials to read and it is a comfortable place.” Seeing is Believing”! Before leaving Japan, I was conscious of security, infection etc, but I was just being unnecessarily alarmed. I learnt to be open-minded and this is important, as it helps to get information, action and feedback.

Ralf from Netherland
In the 5 weeks, I have worked for JDPC, I got to know JDPC as an organisation that does really good work on a wide variety of subjects. All of these subjects are exactly what I think of when I think of development work. What I will always remember is the passion with which the persons in the department work. They will do everything that is within their power to improve the process and to make sure the elections in 2007 will be a success.

Stephen Carson from Ireland
The work of the JDPC is inspirational to me as a westerner. Its wide range impacts on all aspects of life in this developing community. At some levels, the work is subtle with long term effects (e.g. civil peace and democracy and governance) and at others, it is direct and very satisfying (e.g. having a client’s case struck out after a lengthy period in detention awaiting trial, seeing small communities develop an industry on the back of micro credit assistance).

Sandra Arnold from Switzerland
JDPC is like a big family. There are some highly qualified people working with very good material to make life better for lots of Nigerians. And Rev. Fr. Owoeye works hard at creating an enabling environment, which will guarantee that JDPC can continue to improve on the life of people in whatever they do.


Olajide Ayodele

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies,

University of Ibadan.

During my Internship programme with Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), I gained a tremendous training experience. The senior staffs were open and available to me especially in Welfare dept. In addition to the general training provided, I was encouraged and supported in developing an area of interest. I enjoyed my training experience at JDPC. I was treated as a professional as this internship prepared me in rendering quality humanitarian services. Thank you so much JDPC. I will always want to be part of your organization. 


AIYELARI Mimololorun Lucy

I volunteered at JDPC, Ibadan between the months of October, 2016 and January, 2017 while I awaited my National Youth Service program. I served as the librarian of the commission and was privileged to be exposed to a whole lot of books ranging from religious to motivational, politics, and the likes from which I read and added a great deal to my knowledge.

Also, I was able to improve on my organizing skills and the quality of my orderliness as I had to record and arrange the books and maintain order in the library.

I learnt a whole lot from the words spoken during the monthly staff meetings and was exposed to a number of issues in the country which challenged me and made me dig deep into myself.

I also was privileged to be a part of the strategic planning workshop which exposed me to a lot of concepts and ideas that I’m very sure would serve me well in future.

I’m very grateful to the Director for affording me the opportunity to serve in the commission and I’m also grateful to the members of staff for their cordiality.

My stay in JDPC, Ibadan was a very blessed one and I’m super grateful for the experience.


Ibukunoluwa Fowowe

My sustained interest in development and related matters led me to volunteer as a Program Officer with the Women's Development and Child's Rights Programme.

During this time I became more keenly aware of the high prevalence of such social problems as female circumcision and child labour  in Ibadan and contributed to its eradication. I also had the opportunity of learning from the other programs run by the Commission especially the Community Service as Alternative to Imprisonment Program where I participated  in consultative and advocacy visits to stakeholders in the justice sector and legislature.

My time at JDPC Ibadan was time well spent! Apart from the privilege of being able to serve the vulnerable of God's children which the Commission afforded me, I also acquired skills germane to development work. I am very grateful to my superiors at WDP, the entire Staff and the Director for the privilege and for a most impactful time.